Gaufrette Extras

Some extra features built on top of Gaufette live in a package separate from the core. It provides:

  • Resolvable filesystem: introduce resolve() method to transform an object path into a URI.

In order to install it:

composer require gaufrette/extras

Resolvable filesystem

Filesystem decorator providing resolve() method to resolve an object path into URI. It uses a resolver (implementing ResolverInterface) to do the resolution.


use Gaufrette\Filesystem;
use Gaufrette\Adapter\AwsS3;
use Gaufrette\Extras\Resolvable\ResolvableFilesystem;
use Gaufrette\Extras\Resolvable\Resolver\AwsS3PresignedResolver;

$client     = // AwsS3 client instantiation
$decorated  = new Filesystem(new AwsS3($client, 'my_bucket', ['directory' => 'root/dir']));
$filesystem = new ResolvableFilesystem(
    new AwsS3PresignedUrlResolver($client, 'my_bucket', 'root/dir')

// should return something like "

Currently, the following resolvers are implemented. All can be found in the Gaufrette\Extras\Resolvable\Resolver namespace:

  • AwsS3PublicUrlResolver: Create a URL for an object stored on S3 with public ACL.
  • AwsS3PresignedUrlResolver: Create a temporary URL, valid for a given amount of time. Useful when you have to share object(s) with private ACL.
  • StaticUrlResolver: Resolves the object into an URL by concatenating a prefix with object pah.