Implementing new Adapter

Let's say we want to support new storage system with existing Graufette API. The way to do it is by implementing a new adapter.

We will illustrate this by implementing example adapter for KnpStorage file system.

Spec BDD

We encourage contributors to start with describing a new adapter:

$ ./bin/phpspec describe Gaufrette/Adapter/KnpStorage
Specification for Gaufrette\Adapter\KnpStorage created in Gaufrette/spec/Gaufrette/Adapter/KnpStorageSpec.php.

We describe how our adapter is instantated and make sure it implements Gaufrette\Adapter interface:


class KnpStorageSpec extends ObjectBehavior
    function let(KnpStorage $storage)

    function it_is_adapter()

To get the benefits of PHPSpec code generator we run:

$ ./bin/phpspec run spec/Gaufrette/Adapter/KnpStorageSpec.php

You can continue to play with PHPSpec, read more on PHPSpec website.

Implementing adapter interface

Now all we need to do is to make sure KnpStorage implements all Gaufrette Adapterinterface methods.

Contibute it

Once you are sure your adapter is ready, share it with awesome Gaufrette community by submitting a pull request.

Thank you for doing this, you are awesome!